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TechTake_Horton Effective Cybersecurity Response: Lessons From The Front Line

From learning the incident-response life cycle, to developing evidence preservation techniques, the role and expectation of cybersecurity response are rapidly evolving. Learn more from expert Brian W. Horton, leader at Breadcrumb Cybersecurity.

  • The State Of The Channel In B2B SaaS

    Are channel partnerships driving SaaS revenue? And if so, how much? As it turns out, channel is an important edge for B2B SaaS growth. SaaS Capital reports on its annual survey of 1,000+ private B2B SaaS companies and the impact of channel on revenue. 

  • Channel 2020: Predictions From A Few Of Our Favorite Prognosticators

    As we wind down the clock on 2019, it’s a good time to reflect on what the IT services business has in store for the kickoff of a new decade. We gathered a handful of our trusted advisors and asked them to share their thoughts on the best opportunities and biggest risks for the new year. 

  • Lisa Marie Papp Of Computer Solutions & Networking, LLC

    Lisa Marie Papp has been immersed in technology since her father’s days as an NCR software developer in the 1970s. She would accompany her father into the data center on weekends, where she would occupy the punch card machine and marvel at the mainframes that ran on tapes and large disks.

  • Drone Threats = Tech Opportunities

    Earlier this year, our interest was piqued when World Wide Technology (WWT) announced its involvement in a managed solution for drone defense technology called Dedrone. We caught up with Daniel Valle, chief technologist, EMEA Service Providers Group at WWT, for some background on the story and insight into the market opportunity his company sees in drone defense.

  • 3 Steps You Can’t Skip When Offering Cloud Migration Services

    Michelle Hyde is a one-woman wrecking ball when it comes to knocking down barriers to cloud migration, and her model can teach solutions providers how to get their clients up to speed.

  • IT And OT Are Now IoT

    We’ve been quite vocal about data facilitation and management becoming much more important to channel partners’ client success as time marches forward. The client’s perception of the value in networked IT systems is increasingly data- and intelligence-centric, and it’s decreasingly tactical. Applications and devices are simply expected to work. That’s taken for granted. If your sole purpose in business life is to keep applications and devices working, your business is officially a commodity.

  • Why Cyberattacks On MSPs Are On The Rise (And What To Do About It)

    The complexity and sophistication of ransomware attacks continue to rise. We’ve seen a dramatic increase in people reaching out to us in the last few weeks because of attacks their current IT services provider couldn’t handle.

  • Is Your MSP A Fraud?

    The world has changed in just a few short years. A lot. Our clients are under the constant threat of cyberattacks with so many vectors it seems like an insurmountable task to keep them safe.

  • A 7-Step Tech Sales Process?

    While the business of selling goods and services has been around for thousands of years, it is important to note the history of the sales process.

  • Data Intelligence: The IT Service Provider’s Higher Calling

    Why Concertium’s new take on managed services is exemplary of IT service’s future.