Staffing & HR

  1. Customer Success & The vCIO

    Dataprise, Inc.’s Mick Shah eschews the notion of a customer success officer. Customer success, he says, is everyone’s job, and it starts with the vCIO. Here’s how the 300-employee Rockville, MD-based MSP marries vCIO-as-a-Service to its customer success strategy.

  2. How Culture Impacts IT Employee Retention

    Mark Cavaliero, CEO at MSP Carolinas IT, has developed an associate-friendly formula for finding—and keeping—top tech talent in the Research Triangle Park area.

  3. WWT’s Top Investment Pays Dividends

    Jim Kavanaugh is winning. World Wide Technology (WWT), the IT and managed services company he leads, topped the $10 billion sales revenue mark last year. It also moved into a new $95 million St. Louis corporate headquarters building and added some 500 new employees.Those are giant milestones, but this exclusive Q&A reveals Kavanaugh’s greatest pride as CEO of the sprawling privately held company.

  4. 10 Lessons For Techs-Turned-Sales Leaders

    Because most IT services leaders grow out of technical roles, sales management is typically foreign territory. What’s the secret to the tech-to-sales management transition?

  5. More Leaders = More Growth

    John had built a great MSP company that was highly profitable and with tremendous opportunity for growth. But John was stressed and tired. After meeting with about 10 of his key employees over the next day, it became apparent that one of the reasons John was experiencing the painful side effects of being a business owner was that he was neglecting to build leaders.

  6. How An MSP Made $170 Million on Fed IT Spending

    When this managed services provider gave up “random acts of solutioning” for a focus on federal defense and civilian IT services, giant revenue gains ensued.

  7. When Harvey Struck Houston, We Stayed Open

    Hurricane Harvey unleashed almost 50 inches of rain, the equivalent to 500 inches of snow, on the Houston metro area. The rain was slow, steady, and nonstop, lasting for almost a week. Most people cannot understand what it is like to experience rain like that for seven days. Water starts to back up into the ditches and culverts. Storm sewers overflow into the streets. Water creeps over the grass and up to the doorstep, then inside, then upstairs. Suddenly, when the water is everywhere, there is no time to make plans.

  8. A Call To Innovate

    HTG’s Israel Lang shares his perspective — and his concerns — about innovation in the channel

  9. Hot Retail Tech

    Looking to 2020 and beyond, what technology or service holds the best growth potential for your company, and why?

  10. Cash In On Consultation

    Here’s how ERP integrator and managed services provider Estes Group leads the sale with – and makes big money on – consulting services.