Technology Resources

  1. Why A Veteran Is Your Next Hire

    MSSP BLOKWORX’s CEO Robert Boles offers a strong argument for hiring veterans into IT careers. His experience-based opinions are backed by the stats. The blazing hot security services market, in particular, is poised to benefit from veterans' experience.

  2. Service Provider Strategies In A Hybrid IT World

    Over the past 20 years, the hardware layer of infrastructure has mostly commodified, with the value shifting to software and services. This shift means that, to the consumers, the infrastructure itself — the place where logic is processed and data is stored — is less relevant. If it’s secure, compliant, reliable, available on demand, and cost-effective, businesses are generally happy. To the end user, the underlying infrastructure is almost entirely invisible.

  3. The Right Start To Security Consulting Success

    While the market for cybersecurity is getting better all the time, Breadcrumb Cybersecurity CEO Brian Horton says selling it requires more than a partner program with a security software vendor — it requires consultancy.

  4. Customer Success & The vCIO

    Dataprise, Inc.’s Mick Shah eschews the notion of a customer success officer. Customer success, he says, is everyone’s job, and it starts with the vCIO. Here’s how the 300-employee Rockville, MD-based MSP marries vCIO-as-a-Service to its customer success strategy.

  5. Avoid Data Security Liability

    Your customers aren’t the only ones who expect you to be not just a technology service provider, but also a cybersecurity provider. The law expects it, too.

  6. How POSRG Supports Sales With Sustainability

    This POS VAR’s status as one of the only certified facilities dedicated to the recycling and destruction of POS equipment and data is accelerating its perennial double-digit growth.

  7. Client Service Is Not Client Success

    A VAR or MSP can’t assume that because client satisfaction is in an acceptable range that said clients must be experiencing success. Neither can the VAR or MSP assume that a client’s general success in business can be attributed directly to the products or managed services being delivered. Here's where most of the industry is getting the client success trend all wrong.

  8. Why Non-OEM MSP Performance Is Lagging

    Non-OEM managed services providers are falling behind their hardware and software manufacturing peer groups in most of the key managed services growth metrics TSIA tracks. As traditional technology consumption models shift rapidly to cloud, subscription, and as-a-service models, OEMs are outpacing non-OEMs in adapting to these new paradigms. And this sea change is starting to look a lot less like a changing tide and a lot more like a series of devastating hurricanes.

  9. Blow Through BI Adoption Roadblocks

    IDC’s Worldwide Semiannual Big Data and Analytics Spending Guide predicts a $203 billion Big Data and business analytics market by 2020. Here's how IronEdge Group COO Andrew Moore suggests you capitalize.

  10. Why The Channel's Not Ready For Cyberattacks

    DLH services founder Dede Haas explores the channel's cyber defense readiness with Channel Executive Magazine advisory board member and CEO of Kyber Security Lynn Souza and Jason McNew, CEO of Stronghold Cyber Security.