Technology Resources

  1. Stats Support IT Channel Security Sales

    Insight from security research specialists at Osterman helps IT service providers focus on lucrative managed security sales opportunities.

  2. 3 Paths to VoIP For MSPs

    Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions have taken over the SMB market in recent years — and for good reason. In general, VoIP systems are cheaper and more feature packed than the basic phone systems provided by your local telco. This gives SMBs the opportunity to leverage these benefits in a way they haven’t been able to before by streamlining inbound calls to the proper people or departments, using voicemail to email to ensure messages are returned, and utilizing a custom auto attendant to give their SMB an enterprise-company feel.

  3. The Channel’s RPA Opportunity

    Why RPA is the next big thing, and how Ashling Partners is pioneering its adoption.

  4. Managed Services Vs. Managed Security: Which Is More Applicable To MSPs Today?

    The market opportunity outlook for managed service and IT service providers is clear. If you aren’t talking about security with your clients, then someone else will be.

  5. Data Analytics Puts Tek Leaders In Overdrive

    Responding To The Market’s Data Demands And Shrugging Off Traditional Channel Constraints Grew Devender Reddy Aerrabolu’s It Services Firm From Zero To $25 Million In Five Years.

  6. Beat Ransomware: 4 Lessons From The Trenches

    It was a Friday afternoon this past August, with the staff at my IT managed services company FireLogic winding down operations leading into the weekend. Out of nowhere, a call comes in from a new client we have never worked with sending out an SOS. A few emails and phone calls later, and we finally had a clear picture of what the situation looked like.

  7. What Tech Retailers Are Buying

    A recent report from Retail Systems Research provides insight into the tech appetite of retail’s biggest disruptors — and for retail tech solutions providers, disruption is where the sales are.

  8. The MSP To MSSP Evolution

    One company’s journey into managed security services.

  9. When App Dev Makes Sense

    In this mini-autobiography of Joe Pannone, we trace the roots of a hybrid MSP/app development enterprise, see just how intertwined IT services and app development really are, and realize how accessible — and profitable — app development can be for MSPs.

  10. Brian Mauch, BMC Networks

    Brian Mauch earned law and commerce degrees from the University of British Columbia and launched BMC Networks on the heels of his 1996 graduation. But, his passion for computers was born long before that. “Going through school, I always had computer-related part-time jobs, and growing up, I was the technical support resource for family and friends,” he says. “I had the first Commodore 64 on the block when I was a kid, because my mother had the foresight to predict that personal computers would be an integral part of business one day.” At a robust 30 FTEs today, Mauch claims his company is the largest law firm-focused MSP in Canada. We caught up with Mauch for some insight into his leadership at BMC Networks.