Technology Resources

  1. A 7-Step Tech Sales Process?

    While the business of selling goods and services has been around for thousands of years, it is important to note the history of the sales process.

  2. Data Intelligence: The IT Service Provider’s Higher Calling

    Why Concertium’s new take on managed services is exemplary of IT service’s future.

  3. The SMB’s Realistic Approach To Cybersecurity

    We all know the drill … the threats are out there, the cybercriminals are after us, and hackers are knocking on our door daily.

  4. 2019 POS Channel KPI Study

    According to Worldpay’s 2019 POS Channel KPI study, precisely zero POS VARs achieved 40 percent or better growth in 2018. You know who did? More than 27 percent of ISVs.

  5. Security: Bake It In

    My conversations with IT services and vendor execs and independent channel business gurus have been lopsided of late. Everyone wants to talk about IT security in any manner of its forms. Lead the sale with security or lose it to the competition, say some. Ditch the managed services or VAR personas altogether and redefine yourself as a security provider, managed or otherwise, say others.

  6. Stats Support IT Channel Security Sales

    Insight from security research specialists at Osterman helps IT service providers focus on lucrative managed security sales opportunities.

  7. 3 Paths to VoIP For MSPs

    Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions have taken over the SMB market in recent years — and for good reason. In general, VoIP systems are cheaper and more feature packed than the basic phone systems provided by your local telco. This gives SMBs the opportunity to leverage these benefits in a way they haven’t been able to before by streamlining inbound calls to the proper people or departments, using voicemail to email to ensure messages are returned, and utilizing a custom auto attendant to give their SMB an enterprise-company feel.

  8. The Channel’s RPA Opportunity

    Why RPA is the next big thing, and how Ashling Partners is pioneering its adoption.

  9. Managed Services Vs. Managed Security: Which Is More Applicable To MSPs Today?

    The market opportunity outlook for managed service and IT service providers is clear. If you aren’t talking about security with your clients, then someone else will be.

  10. Data Analytics Puts Tek Leaders In Overdrive

    Responding To The Market’s Data Demands And Shrugging Off Traditional Channel Constraints Grew Devender Reddy Aerrabolu’s It Services Firm From Zero To $25 Million In Five Years.