Business Continuity Resources

  1. New Year, New Focus

    In 2020, we’ll further refine — and more specifically define — our content efforts, by focusing on the quality and growth of, and, which represent the largest and most active and engaged readerships in our IT channel media portfolio.

  2. Reader Spotlight: Lori Tisinai, Computer Concepts USA, Inc.

    Lori Tisinai is a true Renaissance woman. She’s a U.S. Coast Guard-certified boat captain and owner of a Chicago River tour boat company. She’s an avid and competitive curler (not hair nor biceps, but the Olympic ice sport played with “rocks” and “brooms”). And she has what her coworkers call a magic touch when it comes to computer technology.

  3. Listening And Respect In IT Customer Service

    In the last installment of his series, IT communications expert Don Crawley discusses the virtues of intentionality about implementing the principles of good listening and respect in your work with customers and co-workers.

  4. Channel 2020: Predictions From A Few Of Our Favorite Prognosticators

    As we wind down the clock on 2019, it’s a good time to reflect on what the IT services business has in store for the kickoff of a new decade. We gathered a handful of our trusted advisors and asked them to share their thoughts on the best opportunities and biggest risks for the new year. 

  5. David DeCamillis Of Platte River Networks

    David DeCamillis is as much a renaissance man as you’ll ever meet. He worked as a stockbroker out of college, then moved up to a syndicate manager, helping with IPOs until the early ’90s, when he moved into financial consulting. In that gig, he helped private companies raise money with the hopes that they would go public.

  6. ASCII: 35 Years In The Making

    A retrospective look inside the organization that’s supported the IT channel since its inception, and a glimpse into the future at The ASCII Group

  7. Compassion And Empathy In IT Customer Service

    "What are the characteristics of the people who provide great customer service?” I asked my audience of system engineers, network managers, coders, DBAs, and desktop support technicians.

  8. The State Of Customer Success

    In 2000, Malcolm Gladwell authored The Tipping Point. In the book he defined a tipping point as “the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point.” When we look back in several years, we will be able to point to 2018 as the year that customer success, as a broad set of capabilities and organizations, hit its tipping point. Several years ago, there had been initial questions and debate around longevity of customer success initiatives and organizations, but the evidence of organizational representation and the cavernous gap of demand versus existing supply of resources in the market are stark evidentiary points that conclude customer success is thriving and here to stay.

  9. Branding Or Service Delivery: Which Comes First?

    There are two kinds of startup service business owners. The first invests money they may not even have into building a recognizable brand that will resonate and fascinate in their market of choice. The second invests their limited time and resources in creating a company focused on bullet-proof service delivery. Which are you? Which is right?

  10. Data Intelligence: The IT Service Provider’s Higher Calling

    Why Concertium’s new take on managed services is exemplary of IT service’s future.