Magazine Article | July 1, 2017

Why The President's Tax Plan Is Good For The Channel

Source: Channel Executive Magazine

By Mike Williams, co-founder, integrator (EOS), Winxnet

In political terms, I am one of those undecideds whom everyone tries to sway two weeks before an election. I do not subscribe to a political ideology, cringe at rhetoric from both parties, and am increasingly disillusioned by Washington gridlock. This disenchantment does not diminish my strong feeling of responsibility associated with my right to vote or that I am fortunate to live in the greatest nation on earth.

This past fall I stood in the voting booth for over 10 minutes agonizing over the decision before me. Several times my pen drifted toward an oval, but I was unable to drag the ink across surface of the ballot. I could not vote for one candidate, and would not vote for the other. My final decision left me with an empty feeling that I had let my country down.