Newsletter | August 26, 2019

08.26.19 -- Why Great Customers Are Terrible Referrers

Featured Editorial
How To Set Your New Sales Hire Up For Success
By Nathan Austin and Steve Riat

Setting your new sales team member up for success requires planning, expectation setting, and mutual investment of time and effort. Here's a 12-month plan.

Your Cybersecurity Pitch? Get Real.
By MJ Shoer

New security tools hit the market daily. If you chase the latest and greatest, you'll spend countless sums of money on technology designed to keep your clients safe. Will it? Maybe. Maybe isn't good enough. 

Why Your Best Customers Are Your Worst Marketers
By Michael Cummings

The typical MSP gets four to five referrals a year from clients. Most (80+ percent) become new MRR clients. Why aren't your raving fans generating more of this business for you?

How To Have The Security Conversation With Your Customers & Make Money
Article | By John Ford, ConnectWise

Security is the hot topic of the day. Your customers are asking about it, they’re expecting you to be the expert, and it’s a conversation you’d rather not have. Can you even make money offering security? You definitely can, if you approach the conversation the right way.

You’ve Been Breached: Now What?
Article | ID Agent

It can happen to anyone — you’ve just become the latest victim of a data breach. At this point, the only question racing through your mind is, “What do I do next?”

How Automating Time-Consuming Workflows Delivers Better Service
E-Book | Kaseya

Faced with challenges like lack of resources, manual processes, and increased IT complexity — as well as cybersecurity concerns and compliance regulations — IT teams need a unified IT management solution to not only deliver better service, but to transform the business.