Newsletter | August 19, 2019

08.19.19 -- Who's The Problem: You Or "The Millennials?"

Featured Editorial
Are You Making The #1 Strategic Marketing Error?
By Richard Chambers

Beginning with the end in mind, your endeavor is to manage the process (How?) of making appeals (What?) that compel (Why?) your customer (Who?) to buy from you. This column outlines your work at each step, 

Security: Bake It In
By Matt Pillar, chief editor

Security software providers are hatching like ladybugs on a springtime windowsill, and the good ones are being gobbled up by IT services platform and enterprise tech providers nearly as quickly. 

Who's The Problem: You Or The Millennials?
By Eric Kiehn

Millennials work like business owner/entrepreneurs. They're goal, not time, oriented. They work toward said goals feverishly, but in their own framework. If we treat them as we'd be treated, we just might be treated to some incredible results. 

How To Use Security Technology To Close A Sale
Article | By Sean Berg, Shift4 Payments

Leading a conversation with security is a death sentence to a sale, as the average business owner does not have the time nor the technical understanding to realize its significance. Instead, resellers should keep their security knowledge in store to help express urgency at the end of a sale.

6 Reasons To Start Selling Networking Solutions Tomorrow
E-Book | BlueStar, Inc.

As you work to learn and become knowledgeable about emerging technologies, new integrators are entering the space and competing for your customers. To this point, it’s critical for VARs to continually add complimentary products and services to their offering.

Using Risk Assessment In QBRs And SLA Reviews
Article | By Joshua Oakes, IT Glue

The risk assessment, when used in SLA reviews and QBRs, can be an effective means of supporting the decisions you want your client to make.

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