Blog | March 14, 2014

3 Tips To Successfully Sell Hybrid Storage

By The Business Solutions Network

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We just sent our upcoming April issue to the printer and I’m really excited about it due to what I think is an exceptional batch of articles. One of the articles, “A ‘No BS’ Approach To Growing Recurring Revenue Sales,” is chock full of detail around MSP Anchor Network Solutions’ four-step business strategy, which is based on KPIs (key performance indicators), and is resulting in 55-percent-plus service-based profit margins! If February’s most downloaded article (Key Performance Indicators To Live (Or Die) By) on is any indication, this one is sure to be a hit.

In addition to talking KPIs in the article, Vince Tinnerello, CEO of Anchor Network Solutions also has some tips for those selling hybrid storage solutions.

1.  Choose the right size.  “If you are purchasing a service that has a hardware component, it is imperative to understand its capabilities and size it appropriately so that you don’t quickly outgrow or oversize to the point of being out of budget or price range for the client,” he says.

2.  Don’t practice on customers. “Understand how the technology works for recovery, both on premise and in the cloud,” he advises.  He continues by recommending MSPs test regularly.  “Don’t be caught trying to figure it out on the fly.”

3.  Be transparent. “Be sure your agreements are clear and as transparent as possible,” he says.  “Are you reselling a third-party solution? If yes, then say so.  Is it in one data center or geographically redundant?  How do you get the data back in the event of disaster?  Establish RTO and RPO objectives and define in the agreement to set proper expectations.”