Magazine Article | July 1, 2017

The Somewhat Scary Storage And Networking Outlook For MSPs

Source: Channel Executive Magazine

By Jeremy Kurth, CTO and partner, K&R Network Solutions, Inc.

Reflections on Microsoft and the two big tech markets it’s going to own next.

MSPs and IT decision makers need to be aware of two big shifts that are here, now, and not going away. Just as Microsoft proved its ability to shake up VMWare’s stronghold on the hypervisor world, they now intend to use that same tactic in two additional high-margin and historically protected markets.

Microsoft’s tactic is quite simple: surface area. Somewhere in your stack, you’re probably running a Microsoft server operating system, which is how the company typically attacks its competition. By slowly dripping additional features into the base product, Microsoft makes it very difficult to argue a way out of its advances.