Magazine Article | July 1, 2019

The SMB's Realistic Approach To Cybersecurity

Source: Channel Executive Magazine

By MJ Shoer

We all know the drill … the threats are out there, the cybercriminals are after us, and hackers are knocking on our door daily.

None of these are scare tactics. These are all known threats and seemingly getting worse by the day. So, what’s a small or midsize company to do? If they have never budgeted for cybersecurity before, the potential costs alone will terrify them into inaction.

There’s no question that every business needs to take a thorough defensive posture to defend itself against the ever-evolving cybersecurity threats that exist. New tools seem to come to market daily, and if they chase the latest and greatest, they will spend countless sums of money on technology designed to keep them safe, but will it? Maybe.