From The Editor | April 20, 2010

The Secret To Success?


By Gennifer Biggs, security, storage, and managed services editor

As I chatted with CEO of Autotask, Bob Godgart, at that vendor's CommunITy Live partner event in Miami, an attending MSP approached the CEO to compliment Godgart about attitude and aptitude of Autotask's staff. The partner said he feels you can tell a lot about the quality of company by the quality of its employees. Godgart agreed wholeheartedly, and added that he personally interviews every person hired at Autotask (he's the last and final, for some, stop). What does this vendor look for? Hungry, humble, smart. That combination of personality and skills has helped fuel the growth of this successful business automation software vendor.

Frustration over how to hire the right people is often expressed by the MSPs and VARs I talk with. They hire too quickly in order to just fill the empty seat, ending up with the best person they can find right then rather than having patience. They hire for the right skills rather than the right fit with the company culture, and they hire without a long-term plan for that person. The partner talking with Godgart said it best: "I hire to fast to just fill that chair, and it always ends up costing me more time and money than doing it right and waiting for exactly what we need."

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