Magazine Article | January 31, 2019

The RMM Shortfall And What Should Be Done About It

Source: Channel Executive Magazine

By Guy Baroan

RMM tools aren’t broken. Implementation processes are.

RMM is a remote monitoring and maintenance software platform that is used to remotely manage and monitor a network: workstations, laptops, servers, and endpoint devices. An RMM solution is used by MSPs as well as some IT departments in SMB and enterprise businesses. The RMM solutions are used to monitor the network for errors, events, and other conditions that would require further investigation. It is difficult to physically get to all the devices and perform the same type of work that can be completed with an RMM tool automatically. Among the most common uses for an RMM solution beyond just alerts are operating system patches, software deployment, their updates, as well as remote control capabilities. Having an RMM solution in place is necessary to achieve efficiency and to move toward being proactive with automated responses to alerts.