Magazine Article | March 1, 2019

The Good, The Bad, And The Money: How To Sell Business Outcomes

Source: Channel Executive Magazine

By Richard Chambers

Let’s keep it simple: There is a result someone desires (the good), there is a current condition that is frustrating (the bad), and there are financial implications of each (the money).

For at least 80 percent of the unsuccessful VAR and MSP deals I troubleshoot, my clients can’t narrate the basics of that simple storyline for their doomed opportunities. They will tell me about the excellent but unappreciated technical configuration in their rejected bid. The more experienced reps may cite “pain points” to be eradicated and wonder why anyone would persist with such discomfort in light of the offering. But if you’re scratching your head over failed deals or are unable to persuade a break-fix customer to move to managed services, there’s usually one of six things missing in your assessment of a customer’s need.