Article | April 21, 2014

SYNNEX Tells Resellers: Businesses Want Management Tools, Power In Their Systems


Bob Stegner, senior VP of Marketing, North America, SYNNEX, shares insights into the features and performance commercial businesses are looking for from the computers on their network. SYNNEX is introducing the HP EliteOne 800 as a new part of its line.

What features of network systems are most important to commercial business today?

Stegner: Management tools are important to customers to allow the ease of deployment of company-wide roll outs and the ability to quickly update all systems on a network. This is a great feature of HP systems which is why we lead with them to help in these solutions. Customers are always requesting more powerful processing but they want energy costs to go down, not up. With the newest Intel and AMD processors featured in HP systems, we are able to provide that need for customers. Security is also a big factor in choosing a new system and HP is able to offer higher end security with both software and hardware features built in.

What is your advice for resellers when they assist business customers to determine a replacement cycle for computers?

Stegner: We advocate the advantages of HP systems in a replacement/upgrade opportunity to our resellers since they have high Energy Star ratings, more software and built-in security options, Elite (free advanced) support, and with the latest operating system. The biggest drivers we see that customers need to look for in replacements are software that is no longer being supported and the need to get the latest software version. With this is also the need for faster processing power and greater efficiency need in lowered power consumption but retaining the higher processing performance. Driving this is also the warranty of the original system expiring or the unit being no longer serviceable or upgradable.

What issues are most important to resolve to create a successful solution (energy consumption, connectivity, security, etc.)?

Stegner: Our most successful resellers are able to show value in each project they handle by offering a customized HP solution geared towards the needs of the end customer. This success is derived from the ability of the solution being put together to focus on the core benefits that HP brings to the market through the features like management tools, processing power with lower energy consumption, security features, higher end support, and a longer standard warranty.