News Feature | July 31, 2014

Survey: Businesses See Benefit Of Mobile Technology For Customer Service

By Trisha Leon, contributing writer

Mobile Technology For Customer Service

Sage has released the results of its recent survey, “Sage U.S. Survey on Mobile Devices 2014,” which indicates that interest in using mobile technology to conduct business is increasing among business leaders. The survey was conducted by Sage between April 18 and May 4, 2014, among an independent panel of small and medium-sized businesses in the United States.

Executives generally expressed that mobile technology has a positive impact on business. When asked which media had an especially positive effect on their company’s productivity, desktop computers were most commonly mentioned, followed by laptops and smartphones. One area where business leaders feel mobile computing is especially beneficial is in regard to serving customers. When asked where mobile technology had a positive effect, seven out of ten executives mentioned that it was especially effective for customer service (70 percent). By using mobile technology they can meet client needs better by providing in-home or off-site services. 

Despite the benefits mobile technology offers to businesses, though, slightly more than three-quarters of business executives generally do not budget for mobile devices, preferring instead to purchase them as the need arises. Only five percent report that their business sets an annual budget for mobile items and sticks to it, while 12 percent set an annual budget and adjust expenditures as needed.

Customer service is of paramount importance to businesses. To succeed in today’s competitive market, business leaders must take full advantage of any technology which increases their ability to meet customer needs. VARs can help their clients understand the positive impact mobile technology has on customer service in particular as well as employee productivity and help them choose which mobile computing options are best for their business and customer needs.