Magazine Article | June 1, 2017

Self-Fund Your As-A-Service Transition

Source: Channel Executive Magazine

By The Business Solutions Network

The tactics used by this POS VAR to build recurring revenue can be used in any industry.

Having cash-register dealer roots that extend back to the early 1900s means that Arthur Rosenbaum, president of New Haven Cash Register (NHCR), isn’t just working for himself; he represents the legacy of his father and grandfather, both pioneers in what is now the POS industry.

Rosenbaum’s grandfather was a mechanical cash register salesperson for NCR, which was just entering its heyday when he got started in 1909. His father was one of the earliest members of the ICRDA (Independent Cash Register Dealers Association, now the Retail Solution Providers Association, or RSPA) and was an early adopter of the electronic cash register. Rosenbaum himself grew up in the business, hanging around the office and scampering through the stockroom at a young age. Eventually, he took over the business when his father fell ill. Each generation has faced and overcome its own challenges, and adapted as necessary. Indeed, you can’t have that long a legacy in the POS business without making major adjustments.