White Paper

Selecting The Right SIP Phone For Your IP PBX

SIP Phone For Your IP PBX

By Gary Audin

There are many Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) phones on the market manufactured by IP PBX vendors and third parties. Selecting the best phone for your use is both a technical and a business decision. The selection process starts with the choice of SIP phones based on technical requirements. Once the SIP phones have been selected, possibly from more than one manufacturer, then the manufacturer’s geographic coverage, sales channels and financial strength will narrow down the potential choices. This paper will guide you through this process by first providing an understanding of the SIP phone landscape and then the process for phone selection.

SIP for VoIP

SIP is a standard signaling protocol that is commonly implemented for Voice over IP (VoIP) communications. Many proprietary access and signaling protocols have been developed for VoIP. The development of SIP has brought a level of standardization to IP phones and led to the creation of the SIP phone. SIP can also support unified communications (UC), multi-media, video, chat, conferencing and instant messaging (IM). As a result, SIP phones are largely displacing legacy analog and digital phones.

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