Magazine Article | March 1, 2019

Sales Hires: What Lurks Below?

Source: Channel Executive Magazine

By Kathy Meader

Matching candidates to the job can help navigate the icebergs in the hiring process.

You’ve just interviewed an outstanding candidate. The resume was well-written. It showcased her sales skills and lengthy industry experience as well as sales performance. She arrived early for her interview, asked all the right questions, and answered all of yours. The other two team members who interviewed her thought she would be the perfect person to lead the new team. Fast-forward six months, and there is a very different picture. The fit is not as perfect as the team thought it would be. She has struggled to get the data right in all the forecasts, the team missed last quarter’s plan, and many of the sales reps are frustrated with the lack of leadership. Bottom line: she is not the perfect fit you predicted she would be.