Magazine Article | August 15, 2014

Retail Management System Replaces Paper-Based Process

Cindy Dubin

By Cindy Dubin

New POS software helps solve a liability problem while growing a customer database at this indoor trampoline park.

Every business has its ups and downs. For one Arizona-based indoor trampoline park owner, there was the prospect of building a successful operation, but the liability that comes with such a venture was a huge concern. So, the owner worked with an IT consultant to implement a POS system to help ease his anxiety.

Concerto Networks, Inc., headquartered in San Diego, CA, is a network of international computer and IT businesses that provide business technology solutions to SMBs. Each of the independently-operated “franchises” brings a set of skills to the table. In the case of the Phoenix, AZ location, operated by Heath Carlson, the consultant is a “one-stop-shop” for his clients’ technology needs. The office specializes in point of sale and inventory control systems for the SMB market.

Combine Technology, Aesthetics To Win Business
The indoor trampoline park project was anything but typical for Carlson, both from quantity and cost standpoints. Initially called Sky Park (the trampoline park was sold to a new owner in 2014, and is now called Jump City), the original owner contacted Concerto Networks based on a customer referral. The primary problem was related to the hand-signed paper liability waivers every customer had to sign, which were filed by hand. Eventually the client wound up with a pile of 55,000 waivers that were never filed. “You can imagine that this would make it nearly impossible to locate a waiver,” says Carlson.

The new trampoline park wanted a system that would locate a waiver on demand, so Carlson began designing a paperless system. This included Keystroke POS Advanced software with a customer display module. This Keystroke application has built-in features that were put to use, such as the touch screen editor, importer, and script editor along with integrated payment and gift card processing. The touch screen editor allows users to design their own onscreen menu layouts. The importer module facilitates the import of new data into the Keystroke POS system from third-party sources. And, script editor is used to streamline party bookings by creating a series of popup questions and choices to help the clerk facilitate scheduling.Subscribe to Business Solutions magazine

Now, when a new customer enters the park, they are directed to a self-service kiosk in the lobby that displays an electronic liability waiver on the screen. The customer fills out the waiver and signs it on the screen. The signed waiver is saved as a PDF and filed in the trampoline park’s server where it can be accessed at any time. All of the data the customer entered is downloaded to the Keystroke customer database, which can be used later as a marketing tool to send emails about future events. After the customer submits the waiver, they walk to the cashier at the counter. The cashier looks up the picture of the waiver to verify that everyone who wants to participate in the trampoline park is on the waiver. Then the POS transaction is completed.

Another Keystroke dealer (CF Consulting in Nevada) wrote the electronic waiver and database import. The solution has since been sold to other recreation centers across the country.

Carlson also explained that the client wanted a clean installation with no wires and no back-counter areas visible to the public. He designed a solution using Aures Technologies touch screen POS hardware with a unique color scheme and style. A cabinet builder designed a fully integrated solution into the counter so that three VESA pole mounts for three 15-inch touch screens for the cashiers are visible on the counter. Another 15-inch touch screen is in the food court. The customer views the transaction on one of three 8-inch displays.

Before selling the trampoline park to the new owners, the previous owner said the Keystroke POS software saved him from hiring at least one full-time employee to file paper waivers and the e-waiver system provided proof of waivers 100 percent of the time requests were made.

Recurring Revenue And Security Integration
Carlson designed the system as a role model for a large enterprise installation. The client invested $24,000 initially in hardware, software, installation, and training and generates about $500 in monthly recurring revenue for Concerto Networks from maintenance and hosting services. The owner sold the business earlier this year, and Carlson points out that the new owners may expand in the future. Currently, the new owners plan on integrating the POS system into their video security system, which is a built-in feature of the Keystroke Advanced POS software called Security Feed.