Guest Column | February 3, 2010

Guest Column: Remote Monitoring Opens Up A New World For Video Surveillance

Tim Dodge

By Tim Dodge, TESSCO Technologies

We have entered a new realm in the world of video surveillance. Gone are the days of the security guard tethered to a dedicated desktop monitor, reacting to unfolding events within a closed environment. With today's advancements in Internet Protocol based network infrastructures, management of video surveillance can be a much more valuable endeavor.

Remote Video Monitoring and Surveillance (RVMaS) is defined as the ability to view, monitor, manage and react to video security information – all from a remote location. This enables a new paradigm of thinking in terms of how video surveillance is used to protect people and assets. By leveraging today's technology advancements, high quality, actionable information can be pushed to the network edge with impressive velocity and reliability. The result is a much more agile management infrastructure that can allow more efficient coverage, rapid communication, and proactive management that lowers overall security risk.

Regardless of the underlying technology, a well-designed video surveillance system can accomplish a variety of goals, including the deterrence of undesirable behaviors and the ability to respond with rapidity and effectiveness in the event that there is an incident. But today's technology revolution, driven by a number of industries, is providing a helping hand to the security industry and is allowing security experts to excel in risk mitigation by introducing the concepts of mobility and remote monitoring into the security lexicon.