From The Editor | April 21, 2010

Reflexion Unveils Third Option For Its Email Security Suite

Scott Barlow vidshot

By Gennifer Biggs, security, storage, and managed services editor

With hosted and cloud solutions such a flashpoint for conversations at industry events lately, it didn't surprise me how many MSPs stopped to add their 10 cents about Reflexion's new encryption product while I chatted with Scott Barlow, the vendor's VP of product development. The new option allows MSPs already leveraging the security vendor's Total Control product and its archiving and backup offering (RADAR) to layer on encryption with the flip of a switch.

Barlow explains the suite of products are logically connected — Total Control filters email in the cloud, preventing any impact on customers' network when and if malware pops up; RADAR allows customers to archive and backup those emails in the cloud; and now, the encryption options allows those customers to set policy around both incoming and outgoing emails to ensure personally identifiable information is protected. "The pressure to encrypt that personal information started in the enterprise space, but it is now reaching down to SMBs, the compliance pressure is starting to hit so many businesses, and this let's our partner solve that problem quickly and easily for their customers," says Barlow. As a vendor based in Massachusetts, Reflexion understands that pressure better than most; that state enacted the toughest compliance law in the country this spring.

This solution is integrated into the existing, hosted Reflexion solution set, so MSP partners can log in, offer a fully brandable solution to their customer, and deploy it on demand. "This means their customer doesn't have to think — is this an email I should send with encryption? Instead, the service does that; it looks for certain indicators, such as a string of Social Security numbers or the 16 numbers of a credit card, and automatically encrypts it. Or you can manual set it for your particular situation," explains Barlow.

While we chatted about this, Reflexion partner Jacob Braun stopped by and offered his opinion as well. Click here to listen to what Jacob had to say.

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