Magazine Article | March 20, 2014

Profit From Innovative Payment Partnering

By Steve Rizzuto, President, Commercial Services Division, TransFirst

Helping Our Sales Partners Succeed Through Integrated Payment Solutions

What makes your channel program unique?
TransFirst has provided integrated services to multiple verticals for years. We’ve completed hundreds of successful integrations by combining the experience of our integrations team with a full-service infrastructure and a commitment to supporting our sales partners and their clients. Plus, we provide the training and tools to bring payment services in-house, resulting in our ISV and VAR partners’ ability to earn more recurring revenue than traditional partnerships, while enhancing their customer relationships as a trusted total solution advisor.

Can you explain what “full-service infrastructure” means?
TransFirst is a true full-service processor, with ultimate control over our operations. We have the capacity to comprehensively manage integration setups and the payments that are part of clients’ transactions. We have our own proprietary back-office solution that gives us the capability to set our own pricing models — that means we can offer our sales partners the opportunity for higher revenues. We have a direct connection to the payment brands, which lets us take advantage of certain exclusive offers and information we can pass along to our sales partners. And we have state-of-the-art technology that’s constantly being updated and refined so that the operation runs seamlessly.

What tools do you offer to help partners succeed?
TransFirst offers a developer-friendly environment across multiple integrations solutions such as Transaction Express, our proprietary payment gateway, and multiple web service APIs, with the freedom to choose what functions are included. We offer a hosted payments solution, a dedicated test environment with separate certification and production platforms, and security features like tokenization and response code monitoring. Our sales partners enjoy the opportunity to earn potentially greater revenue and realize better customer management with our merchant boarding tools.Subscribe to Business Solutions magazine

What types of support do you offer your sales partners?
No other processor supports its sales partners as well as TransFirst — and part of that support is making sure our partners’ clients are supported with the same level of attention and expertise. For our sales partners, we offer sales and product training from experts in the payments industry. We provide customized and co-branded marketing materials and website content, and customized statement messaging. For their clients, we’re available 24/7 with U.S.-based customer support and offer financial coverage for data breach and support for PCI compliance. TransFirst has one of the highest retention rates in the payments industry for both integrated sales partners and merchants.

How does your program succeed at generating revenue for sales partners?
At TransFirst, we provide payment processing solutions that help businesses grow; as businesses grow their revenue streams increase, which creates greater recurring revenue for the VAR and ISV partners who brought TransFirst’s solutions to their clients. It’s a logical and highly successful model that’s served our partners well for more than a decade. In addition, we work with the VAR/ISV to help them bring payment services in-house, which lets them garner more revenue than traditional referral models have allowed. We offer industry-leading revenue- sharing opportunities and upfront capital-per-installation rewards. And, their clients can now accept American Express Card transactions at the same rate as other payment cards†. American Express Cards can potentially bring in new business and help boost both the VAR/ISV’s and the client’s bottom line. And it’s all through TransFirst — all their processing information with one statement, one point of contact and one great price.

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†Merchants eligible to accept American Express Cards directly through TransFirst are those that process less than $1,000,000 in American Express annual charge volume. Certain restrictions and exclusions may apply.