Case Study

POSLavu/SecureLINK Case Study

POSLavu is a Los Angeles-based provider of mobile POS solutions. Designed for restaurants that are seeking to move beyond cumbersome POS systems, the company's approach is based on Apple's multi-touch devices (Apple iPad™, iPod Touch®, and iPhone®). POSLavu's goal is to provide everyone from small merchants to national franchises with a powerful and flexible payments processing platform.

Many restaurant operators are in the business due to a passion for food and service, but they wind up dealing with payments technology and the inherent pressure of PCI compliance issues. POSLavau's Apple-based alternatives offer a highly flexible, cost-effective alternative that allow a POS system to be downloaded right onto familiar handheld devices. Since the appeal of Apple's iPad is based on an open operating environment, President Andy Lim's challenge was finding a payments platform that delivered the extra level of security that point-to-point encryption would deliver.

"By focusing on a dedicated restaurant POS system that is flexible, affordable, and easy to set up and use, we have been ahead of the market in terms of both our technology and our pricing. We had settled on MagTek's iDynamo credit card swipe system for the iPad, but we still needed a processing solution that could deal with the encrypted data it produced. On top of that, we had to be able to process that data across a wide range of processors with different integration requirements." "The combination of TGate's PathwayLINKSM and SecureLINKSM solutions was really the only answer to this challenge. The application environment for iPads has become very robust, but security remains an issue because of the open nature of the design, This makes security - and particularly point-to-point encryption - critical for success in a payments application. SecureLINK solves this problem in a way that other solutions don't. Because SecureLINK handles all of the MagTek iDynamo encryption issues away from the merchant's location and we don't have to deal with any of that coding, POS security is maximized and our operations are streamlined"