White Paper

Overcome Virtual Stall - Migrate Mission-Critical Applications To A VM Environment With CA's Virtualization Management Portfolio

Virtualization has been one of the fastest growing and profitable arenas for solution providers, even in the midst of the recent economic downturn. This is due to cost-containment benefits that are achieved through server consolidation, reduced capital, floor space, and power and cooling efficiencies. But as data centers load more and more applications into virtual environments to take advantage of hardware efficiencies, IT administrators must work harder to manage this virtual sprawl and the inherent increased risk of application failure. At a certain point, the growth of virtual machine densities and the need to frequently provision and deprovision resources exceeds the administrator's capacity to manage them.

IDC notes that "major improvements in server utilization are clearly benefiting enterprise customers by helping to reduce hardware spending," but, "many organizations are not seeing the same type of productivity improvements on the staffing and operations side of the data center…Data center complexity is on the rise," and, "the increasing diversity of applications and the proliferation of multiple browser environments further complicate day-to-day operations, planning and troubleshooting." (CA Automation Suite Paves the Way for Cloud, Mary Johnston Turner, October 2010, IDC)