Magazine Article | May 1, 2019

Onboarding And Training IT Channel Sales

Source: Channel Executive Magazine

By Steve Riat and Nathan Austin

Success … you have found and successfully hired your salesperson, and they start in two weeks. Now what? It’s time to build a process of onboarding and training for the future. Simply document this process, and your next hire will go much smoother. The biggest issue is where to start.

To start with, you have a list of what I would call HR items. This includes items such as paperwork that needs to be signed, systems that need to be taught, and items specific to your company that all employees need to do to in order to get paid and become part of the company. I would encourage you to engage others in your company to help with this process, since it is not specific to the job duty. This also allows others to develop a relationship with the new sales rep. The more involvement from all aspects of the company you can get, the better, because ultimately sales will be dealing with everyone in the company, and building that relationship early will pay off in the end.