Case Study

Oklahoma Retail Liquor Stores Benefit From Better Control Of Theft And Cash Management

Back in the late 1980's in Oklahoma City, OK, Mark Jahansouz founded Integrated Software Solutions Inc. (ISSI) and has since focused on the retail liquor point-of-sale industry. ISSI specializes in assisting some of the 600 Oklahoma retail liquor state run liquor stores inventory needs which are controlled by state law. One of the larger issues retailers in the liquor industry face is loading of initial data and the ability to search and send automated orders directly from the server to the wholesaler. The Matrix point-of-sale system that ISSI developed is the solution.

The Matrix point of sale system improves customer experience by decreasing time spent in line, improving inventory availability with timely ordering and control, and improving cash control on a day-to-day basis. Fast and smooth cash register functionality increases reliability to track customer history results with hassle free inventory searches to find products in the store.