News Feature | August 26, 2014

New Smart Wallet Uses Biometric Voice Security, Encryption

By Cheryl Knight, contributing writer

Biometric Smart Wallet

Protecting identity in the digital age grows increasingly more difficult as cyber criminals develop new ways to steal personal information. A new device could provide a solution many individuals and organizations are looking for.

The Wocket, the market’s first smart wallet, features the ability to electronically store up to 10,000 credit cards and other cards, such items as voter registration and membership cards.  It uses biometric voice security to keep the cards protected.

According to a Consumer Affairs article, once within the wallet, data is encrypted to only allow access to it through a combination of the owner’s biometric stamp, personal PIN, and pattern.

How It Works

To access a particular card, users select the digital card they want to use on the Wocket Wallet’s touch screen and download it temporarily to a plastic card, allowing for a one-time transaction. Although this means an additional step  versus taking a card out of a traditional wallet, the Wocket Wallet guarantees the security of personal information. Users don’t seem to mind.

According to the Soundview Technology Group, that observed user interaction with the device at the product’s launch event in New York, “All feedback we receive from attending suggests that consumers who get a chance to see and understand it, immediately want one.”

Wocket Wallet creator NXT-ID, a biometric authentication company, is taking pre-orders now and estimates shipment this fall.