From The Editor | November 11, 2010

NetEnrich Delivers Message About Operational Support

Webinar: Cloud 101

By Gennifer Biggs, security, storage, and managed services editor

During the ConnectWise IT Nation partner summit last week, I had to chance to sit down with Raju Chekuri, founder and CEO of NetEnrich, an IT as a Service company (ITaaS) that is perhaps best known as the NOC used by Ingram Micro's Seismic division. Chekuri and I covered a lot of topics, but the clear message was his hope that NetEnrich could partner with MSPs to help life the burden of day-to-day operations off their shoulders, allowing them to focus on business strategy and profitability.

"We are here to continue getting to know the MSP space," explains Raju, adding that NetEnrich has tried to be at as many events as possible since launching more deeply into the channel about 18 months ago. Helping raise awareness of the company, of course, was the announcement that Justin Crotty, former VP of the Ingram Seismic group, was joining NetEnrich as SVP during the summer. "Our goal is to support the channel, to make it simpler to succeed as an MSP," says Raju, adding that NetEnrich wants to support customer service delivered by MSPs by taking on the low-end and often time-consuming part of managed services and thus allowing MSPs to focus on the customer relationships that form the foundation of managed services. "We serve as a virtual operations team, which lets our partners focus on strategy," explains Raju.

NetEnrich offers a variety of services, including remote infrastructure management, server infrastructure management, network infrastructure management, along with patching and reporting.