Magazine Article | March 1, 2019

MSP Hiring: Draft or Free Agent?

Source: Channel Executive Magazine

By Nathan Austin & Steve Riat

The ability to sell is a process and an art. While working with MSPs on multiple continents, we have found the same applies for recruiting and hiring sales professionals — there is a process and an art to finding “A Players” for your team. MSP sales are a unique type of sale that requires different skills compared to other sales roles you may encounter. Some of the characteristics to illustrate this point are: business-to-business, relationship-driven, long-term, consultative, technical, and value-based.

If you find a top-performing sales professional who excelled in a different sales environment such as business-to-consumer, transactional, one-time, nontechnical, or commodity-based, they might be an incredible salesperson, but that does not guarantee success as an MSP sales professional.