Case Study

Case Study: Loveland Distributing Streamlines The Flow Of Business With MiT Systems Cloud Computing Mobility Solution And Intermec Rugged Mobile Computers

By Intermec

In business for nearly six decades, Loveland Distributing is a major Miller/Coors product distributor in Virginia. An Intermec customer for over 15 years, Loveland's operations have benefited from the latest developments in supply chain and communications technology through the evolution of technology convergence and rugged mobile business solutions. Eight years ago, Loveland switched to a pre-sales operation, and their mobile solution consisted of Intermec devices, cell phones and enterprise software. Up until 2009, this multi-component solution worked well for Loveland, until Verizon ended its support for the I700 and its existing legacy software solution reached the end of its lifecycle. With the progression of rugged mobile computing technology, cellular networks, and the convergence of new communication technologies, Loveland was in a position to leverage new cutting edge technology to enhance its operations. The solution would need to seamlessly integrate with their route accounting and warehouse management systems.