Magazine Article | August 30, 2019

Lisa Marie Papp Of Computer Solutions & Networking, LLC

Source: Channel Executive Magazine

By Lisa Marie Papp

Lisa Marie Papp has been immersed in technology since her father’s days as an NCR software developer in the 1970s. She would accompany her father into the data center on weekends, where she would occupy the punch card machine and marvel at the mainframes that ran on tapes and large disks. As a child, she was curious about how things worked, so she would take them apart and put them back together. The first computer she recalls dismantling in high school was an Apple IIe. As a computer science major in college, it took learning five programming languages for Papp to decide she couldn’t see herself sitting behind a box for eight+ hours per day like her father did. As it’s been said, things come full circle in due time.