From The Editor | November 11, 2010

Level Platform Partners React To Managed Workplace 2011

Webinar: Cloud 101

By Gennifer Biggs, security, storage, and managed services editor

Just prior to the start of the ConnectWise IT Nation Partner Summit on Nov. 4, several vendors held special one-day events. Among them was Level Platforms, which unveiled its newest release, Managed Workplace 2011, for its partners (Listen as Peter explains the highlights of Managed Workplace 2011). The single-day event revolved around the new features included in Managed Workplace and insight from a panel of beta users. "We wanted to take the time to show the product and also walk through the changes we made in reaction to those points in the product they didn't like before," explains Peter Sandiford, CEO of Level Platforms.

Among those presenting was Sean Furman, president of STF Consulting (Read about Sean's business.). Sean was among the beta users for the new product, and shared some of his opinions on Managed Workplace with me. "I really feel this product has game-changing features," says Sean. "The hybrid capability — the ability to choose to use agents or not — is so important, and the scripting automation is key as well. I couldn't be more excited about these changes, because as I am seeing them, I am thinking about the problems I can solve with this features."

Todd Schorle, president of TS Technology, was among the partners seeing the new features for the first time at the Level Platforms' event. "This product is going to help me drive down costs, and offer better service, and that is the whole point," says Todd. He was particularly interested in the asset gathering capabilities of the new product, especially since his company currently uses a supplemental program to gather information on diverse devices in his customers' environments. "The less tools, the less time I spend training my staff to put several tools together, the more profitable I am," he explains.

Listen as Sean and Todd talk more about the ways Managed Workplace 2011 will improve their businesses.