Guest Column | July 7, 2014

5 Keys To Increasing MSP Sales Part 2: Sell "Your Company Way"

Gary Pica, President and Founder of TruMethods LLC

By Gary Pica, President and Founder, TruMethods LLC

Gary Pica, President and Founder of TruMethods LLC

In the last article, I said you should forgo selling technology and instead talk about solving business issues.

Let’s do a thought experiment: if a customer told you that they wanted the best possible IT support available and that money was no object what would you do?  What people, process, and technology would you deploy to achieve the best possible results?

5 Keys To MSP Sales #2 — Sell “Your Company Way”

The answer to this question should be the basis for your managed services support offering. Your support offering or offerings should deliver “Your Company Way.” This is the unique approach and perspective you have developed based on your years of experience.

Imagine you were hiring a builder to build your dream home and you contacted two builders to provide you with an estimate. The first builder you meet with spends an hour showing you his brand new saw, talks about how fast his nail gun can operate, and why his extremely expensive laser levels are better than the old fashioned bubble levels. The second builder you meet with outlines his process starting with understanding your needs, planning the build, and managing your expectations every step of the way to ensure that your dream home is built. Which would you choose? Would you really care about all of the tools the first builder used? 
Seems like a silly analogy, but I get to see a lot of offerings and hear a lot of sales pitches; most sound like builder #1. Selling “Your Company Way,” your process, and your unique approach resonates more with business owners because it achieves the end result they are looking for: lower IT costs, predictable results, and a partner who they can turn to for advice.

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Gary Pica is the go-to expert for growing MSP sales and profitability. His company, Dynamic Digital Services, was “early to market” in the MSP arena and quickly became one of the fastest growing MSPs in the country. Pica’s company was acquired by mindSHIFT Technologies, and he has since launched coaching and mentoring company TruMethods. The TruMethods business transformation community has provided training and support services to more than 1,000 MSPs in the areas of sales, service delivery process, business planning discipline, and financial benchmarking. Pica is regularly a featured speaker at IT solutions events.