News | April 3, 2014

JetPay Corporation Shows New Products At Transact 14: The Electronic Transaction Association's Annual Meeting In Las Vegas

JetPay Corporation (“JetPay” or the “Company”) and its payments division, JetPay Payment Services, will be presenting two new JetPay solutions -- OneCall and JetPos -- at Transact 14, the Electronic Transaction Association’s (ETA) 2014 annual convention. Both solutions are designed to help merchants and ISOs increase their bottom line. Transact 14, which is being held in Las Vegas, NV, from April 8th through the 10th is a very popular venue for the transaction processing industry to show their newest technology and payments products.

JetPay Corporation delivers payment processing services for all major payment cards and vertically integrated services for businesses that include MAC prepaid Visa debit cards, payroll services, and human resource management. JetPay offers a unique blend of hi-tech transaction processing with customizable solutions for a wide spectrum of business needs that fit their customers and those of their Independent Sales Organization (“ISO”) and Value-Added Reseller (“VAR”) partners. JetPay Payroll Services, a JetPay Corporation division, will also take the opportunity that Transact 14 presents to introduce a new ISO Sales Program. This program will allow ISO’s to take advantage of JetPay’s vertical integration by offering payroll services, prepaid card services, and other JetPay products, along with their payment solutions.

JetPay’s OneCall program, a certified American Express OptBlue participant, has been live since November, 2013. It is one of only a few programs of its kind in the country. The program provides customers the option of accepting every brand of card, including the American Express brand, using the same processor for all card transactions. This adds convenience by including all cards under the same settlement and reporting process, and provides for same day depositing of funds. It is also more economical for JetPay’s customers, since all card brands and transactions can be processed under the same pricing structure. Best of all, merchants need to contact only one vendor, JetPay, for customer service on disputed transactions or for other technical assistance.

JetPos is the other new JetPay product being introduced. JetPos is a specialty payment product designed for the restaurant industry. It features a complete restaurant solution that includes a branded terminal, pre-loaded software, and the option to choose between leasing and ownership, all at very reasonable costs. The JetPos product includes some unique optional features, including payroll and human resource management services, which allows for data to be passed between the reporting and transaction processing systems and the management systems, and the integration of JetPay’s MAC prepaid Visa card as a means for depositing tips charged to credit cards for the restaurant’s employees. This MAC feature is currently in the design stage and is expected to be functional within the next few months. Paying staff for credit card tips on a MAC will reduce a restaurant’s need for stocking cash for end of day distributions and possibly increase security for employees, as they would not have to carry large sums of cash when leaving the restaurant premises. In addition to the MAC tips feature, MAC is currently available for direct deposit of paychecks, for paying bills and for shopping, with flexible reloading options offering employees many benefits.

JetPay Payroll Services will also be introducing a new sales channel specifically for ISO’s. This sales channel will allow participating ISO’s to earn residual revenues for selling JetPay Payroll Services payroll processing, tax filing, and human resource management services in addition to residuals earned from promoting JetPay’s payment services. JetPay will provide special discounted pricing to Merchants who use multiple JetPay services, including payroll services, MAC for employees, and payment services. Wayne Hart, National Sales Manager for JetPay Payroll Services will be greeting ETA convention visitors at the JetPay booth (#344) with information on how to become a JetPay Payroll sales partner.

In addition to hosting visitors at the JetPay booth, JetPay Payment Services’ CEO, Trent Voigt, will also be participating as a panelist at the convention. You can hear Mr. Voigt on the panel discussing “Navigating the World of Payments outside the United States - International Track” at 10:45 a.m. on Thursday, April 10.

To see all the hi-tech, innovative features offered by JetPay, please visit booth #344, just two booths down from our OptBlue partner, American Express. For those of you not attending ETA, please contact JetPay sales at 866-4JetPay or visit our web sites at,,, or for more information.

About JetPay Corporation
JetPay Corporation, based in Berwyn, PA, is a leading provider of vertically integrated solutions for businesses including card acceptance, processing, payroll, payroll tax filing and other financial transactions. JetPay provides a one vendor solution for payment services, debit and credit card processing, ACH services, and payroll and tax processing needs of businesses throughout the United States. The Company also offers low-cost payment choices for the employees of these businesses to replace costly alternatives. The Company’s vertically aligned services provide customers with convenience and increased revenues by lowering payments-related costs and by designing innovative, customized solutions for internet, mobile, and cloud-based payments.

About JetPay Payment Services
JetPay Payment Services, a division of the JetPay Corporation, headquartered in Carrollton, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, is a premier provider of a front-end and back-end credit card, check, and mobile payments processing, specializing in technology solutions for the e-commerce and card-not-present marketplace. JetPay Payment Services supplies full processing and acquiring services for some of the largest e-commerce sites on the web today. The company offers processing services to banks, sales organizations, and businesses of every size.

About JetPay Payroll Services
JetPay Payroll Services, a division of the JetPay Corporation, located in the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania, is a well-regarded provider of payroll, payroll tax filing, 401K, human resource management, and time and attendance. JetPay Payroll has served businesses throughout the U.S. for over forty years. JetPay Payroll Services has one of the most complete platforms for its services in the country, and now, with the ability to supply payment services to its customers, JetPay is a one-stop provider of business services for every size and type of business.

SOURCE: JetPay Corporation