Magazine Article | June 18, 2014

IPTran LT™ Mobile Bolsters Tablet-Based Point Of Sale Solutions

By Datacap Systems

All payment processors and a variety of POS peripherals via one interface

Tablet-Based POS (mPOS) developers now have access to a simple solution for wireless integrated payments and POS peripheral management via Datacap’s latest product release. The IPTran LT™ Mobile solution from Datacap Systems offers tablet-based POS developers out-of-scope integrated payments for virtually all processors while simultaneously driving POS peripherals (cash drawers, receipt printers, pole displays, mag stripe readers, bar code scanners, weigh scales, and PIN Pads) via one simple interface.

“Tablet-Based POS developers can utilize IPTran LT Mobile to immediately gain the expansive payment processor and peripheral support available in many established PC-based POS solutions,” commented Justin Zeigler, Director of Sales/Marketing at Datacap. “Two of the biggest challenges faced by POS start-ups are comprehensive integrated payment functionality coupled with subsequent PA-DSS validation and the integration to various POS peripheral hardware — necessary to maintain a flexible POS solution. IPTran LT Mobile takes these challenges off the table, allowing mPOS developers to spend development dollars on the expansion of their POS application rather than playing catch-up with payments and peripherals support.”

All Payment Processors
As with existing integrated payment solutions from Datacap Systems, the IPTran LT Mobile supports all major payment processors via a single integration. The ability to support a variety of payment processors is essential to POS providers due to the reality that many merchants will have pre-existing or mandated processor relationships without the option to c hange. POS providers with a single payment processing relationship will find that many prospective sales are left on the table due to the POS application’s lack of payment processor selection. The IPTran LT Mobile allows POS providers to accommodate virtually any merchant’s preferred payment processor, creating new sales opportunities. Because Datacap drives peripherals directly via the IPTran LT Mobile, no cardholder data passes through the POS application in any capacity, thus completely removing the POS app from the scope of PA-DSS and eliminating the requirement for a PA-DSS validation.Subscribe to Business Solutions magazine

Variety of POS Peripherals
Datacap has worked with top-tier POS peripheral manufacturers to create a suite of common, cost-effective peripheral options from which POS vendors can choose to tailor each installation to the specific requirements of each merchant. POS Providers can now save substantial development time by bypassing the need to write to each peripheral directly. Because the POS peripherals attach directly to the small footprint IPTran LT Mobile, which is available as a stand-alone device or embedded in a cash drawer, the need for costly wireless-enabled printers, displays, cash drawers, etc., is no longer necessary. US EMV transition becomes a “plug and play” affair due to the support for multiple PIN Pads through a single integration.

Solution-as-a-Service initiatives involving bundled POS peripherals and payments create recurring revenue streams while considerably lowering the cost of the complete POS package. Ideal for POS providers with a “pay-as-you-go” model, IPTran LT Mobile has the unique ability to remotely disable not only integrated payments, but the POS peripherals (cash drawer, printer, etc.) in the event of contract termination or non-payment. This mitigates the risk associated with providing POS peripheral hardware as part of a bundled offering. With IPTran LT Mobile, Tablet-Based POS providers can rest easy knowing that their POS application cannot be easily replaced by a competitor without a complete POS hardware swap.

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