Magazine Article | October 2, 2017

Hot Retail Tech

Source: Channel Executive Magazine

Q: Looking to 2020 and beyond, what technology or service holds the best growth potential for your company, and why?

A: AT POSITIVE TECHNOLOGY, we have fully embraced Software-as-a-Service in our retail technology practice. As we look ahead, we feel that service still has significant growth and market opportunity. We are now striving to grow our offerings into a more broad based “Solution-as-a-Service.” What we imagine as we go forward from here is a service that would include all of the hardware and software components as well as ongoing consulting and support for a retail customer. We envision the mid-market customer being able to consume our service to run their retail operation in a way that allows them to operate the business from the data the service provides, yet free themselves from having to internally support the technical footprint required.