Case Study

Healthcare Provider Improves Efficiency With New Monitoring Platform

Austin Radiological Association (ARA) selected AccelOps integrated monitoring platform to improve their business service reliability and IT operational efficiency. AccelOps offers a more integrated, automated and value-packaged solution that cuts through operational and technical silo's to provide end-to-end visibility, greater IT agility and service insight as compared to conventional legacy and point product approaches.

ARA joins other enterprise customers and service providers that are re-assessing their current IT management portfolio against the demand for service level delivery, optimization of IT resources, and broader controls to reduce network, virtualization and application complexity.

Austin Radiological Association is one of the largest providers of outpatient imaging services and professional services in central Texas serving the majority of area hospitals and thousands of referring physicians in the community. In addition, ARA operates as an outsourced solution provider and manages a turnkey digital imaging application for 10 regional SaaS clients. The company has invested heavily in IT, ITIL service processes and IT automation to support a variety of healthcare, imaging and business applications.

"IT organizations are being asked to manage themselves as a business – we can't wait for calls and red lights to appear. With AccelOps, we can readily understand, prioritize and sustain all the different components that ‘create' a function that our internal and external customers rely on," said R. Todd Thomas, chief information officer at Austin Radiological Association. "While we needed end-to-end visibility rather than more elemental monitoring tools, we also considered implementation, process alignment and cost."

"AccelOps gives my team an integrated means to monitor and correlate the performance of discrete technologies and functions, as well as manage IT services. With a more holistic view of operations, we can stay ahead of issues, quickly resolve problems and better serve our customers," added Thomas.

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