Blog | June 1, 2012

Get Rid Of Low Margin Business Once And For All

By The Business Solutions Network

I’ve been talking with some value-added distributors recently and asking them about the services they offer that are the most overlooked by their VARs. Configuring hardware is a common answer from these distributors. For example, let’s say you’re a VoIP or unified communications (UC) VAR and you win a 30-phone install with a law firm. How does your process work for getting the phones and software to your customer and setting everything up?

Some VARs prefer to handle the entire implementation process themselves:

  1. Taking each product out of the box
  2. Installing software (in this case IP telephony software)
  3. Configuring the software for the customer (e.g. configuring the auto attendant and call flow, assigning extensions, etc.)

Think about how long it takes one of your engineers or techs to perform these tasks, using the example of a 30-phone VoIP install at a law firm. The distributors I talked to believe VARs could cut their install times in half by taking advantage of staging and configuration services offered by many distributors…