Article | November 20, 2013

Entrepreneur By Bepoz & Corporate By Bepoz - Tablet POS Overview

Bepoz is a Windows based Month-To-Month SaaS Point of Sale Software. There are two editions, Entrepreneur and Corporate; with a focus on Hospitality, Specialty Retail, and Event Venues. We can manage a single store all the way to a large corporate chain. Bepoz is over a decade in development and installed in over 30 countries with over 5,500 installations worldwide.

We also provide end-to-end POS Solutions for Multi-Service environments requiring the use of hospitality, retail management, and service selling features. Serving Hotels, Resorts, Stadiums, Arenas, Amphitheaters, Casinos, Zoos, Amusement Parks, Attractions, and many other Entertainment Venues.


Category/Feature Response
Company name Bepoz America, LLC
Product name Entrepreneur by Bepoz & Corporate by Bepoz
Target customer/industry (who is your software made for?) Restaurants (QSR and Table Service), Retail, Liquor Stores, Grocery, Attractions, Hotels, Resorts, & Casinos
Supported OS Platform(s) and version(s)? Windows XP,  POSReady, Win 7, Win 8, Win Server 2008 R2
Cloud-based? Installed? App? Installed
We have hybrid cloud options with Azure and Rackspace.
Does data flow through an intermediate server at the store, or is it straight to cloud? Primarily our app SmartController is what receives data to make updates to the database.
Stations have a local database and automatically go into offline mode to continue making transactions. Then when they reconnect to smart controller data is synced.
When the data gets to the cloud, is it in a SQL database, or is it stored in a database intended for a mobile platform? SQL database
How long can each unit run with no internet/LAN? Permanently if required
You can manually extract the data with a flash drive and put in the database.
The year your company was founded 1973
Company website
Contact information for partner program inquiries Chris Allen | | 855.313.0857 X 4120


General Features  
Can you print a graphical logo at the top of the receipt?
Audit controls (by employee, by job role, both, none) Both
Integrated time clock?
Interface to third-party payroll?   Export file that can be formatted as the provider requires
Ability to track cashier shifts with drawer counts?   Absolutely
Interface to Quickbooks accounting software?
Ability to split tender?
Do you support more than one tax rate?   Up to 8 per location and can be compounded in every variation
Do you support flat taxes?


Restaurant-Specific Features  
Are modifiers Supported?   Forced or optional
Ability to pay at table?   With signature capture on the tablet
Ingredient & Recipe Tracking?
Happy hour pricing?   Schedule this and many other automated price changes
Split checks (guest, number of ways, both, none) Both
Can you split a bottle of wine between two guests?
Can you do bar tabs?
Ring up combo meals? With auto combo option
Support for online ordering of food on restaurant web site?   This is a weakness. The facilities to get products/prices and to create transactions are in the system via API. We don't have a provider in the US as of yet who has taken on the integration.
Allow multiple/different menus?   Can change on a schedule or using level switch manually
Ability to pre-authorize a credit card when a customer starts a tab to verify the card is good?
Kitchen printer Support?
Multiple kitchen printer support?   Entrepreneur 3 printers, Corporate no restriction
Kitchen video system support?   Bematech LS600
Can you send an order to the kitchen by course, instead of as it was rung?
Caller ID Integration?


Retail-Specific Features  
Inventory Tracking?   Keeps perpetual inventory counts w/ audit trails - FIFO and Average costing methods
Create & Receive Purchase Orders?
Layaway functionality?
Ability to print gift receipts?
Ability to group items in a kit?
Ability to track commissions for sales reps?   Very robust reporting and can apply formulas
Apparel/clothing matrix?   2 dimensional and using product groupings - very clear reports
Print bar code labels/tags?
Integrated e-commerce for online purchases?   This is a weakness. The facilities to get products/prices and to create transactions are in the system via API. We don't have a provider in the US as of yet who has taken on the integration.
Shipping?   Addresses only no automated out of the box tracking yet
Sales pricing based on date (e.g. 10% off between 12/1 and 12/6)?   Schedule this and many other automated price changes
Mix and match pricing?
Ability for case breakouts (eg. Sell by case or 6-pack)?   Very strong here


Payment Processing  
Integrated processors/gateways (forced to use any? Direct integrations or via gateways?) Direct Integration with Mercury which is free or Paylink by Bridgepay. Bridgepay for one-to-many integration - Sterling coming online soon.
Is your product PCI compliant (secure integrated payments)?   We use all out of scope solutions though our software is not yet PA-DSS certified. We do have password restriction settings in the software to put into practice PCI requirements.
Support for mobile wallet?
PIN/Debit Support?
Support for customer loyalty programs?   Very powerful here
EBT & Food Stamp Support?   EBT coming with Bridgepay, Foodstamp tracking is in the system


Brands/models of receipt printers supported:  POS-X, HP, and Star Certified (Epson too) - Certify any printer in the software with Printer Definitions
Support for hard-wired receipt printers (USB/Parallel/Serial)?   We try to avoid using the windows print queue by using our SmartPrint facility. Prefer Serial or Ethernet.
Support for hard-wired Ethernet receipt printers?
Support for wireless receipt printers? Bluetooth preferred
Do you support non-IP/networked printers?
Support for pole display integration ✔  Standard 2-line and LCD w/ digital signage - LCD can be dynamic based on a product or account - video and images supported.
Integration w/ DVR/Surveillance System   With text insertion
Dual cash drawer support
Brands/models of bar code scanners supports: Datalogic for 2D ID Verification, any other line scannner - Bioptic Scanner/Scale with magellan interface 1 or 2 cable - serial
Support for integrated scales?    NCI and Magellan protocols


Financials, Terms, Conditions  
Support (terms and costs) Included in monthly subscription
Customer Pricing Entrepreneur - $69/mo First Station/Back Office, $20/mo for Inventory, $49 for each additional station

Corporate - $119/mo First Station/Back Office which includes inventory, $49/mo each additional station | Multi Venue Corporate - Same pricing for HQ Location as Corporate, $59/mo for 1st station at remote site, $49/mo for each additional station | We do have a discount schedule for high volume subscriptions
Dealer margin 2 Programs: Authorized Reseller (Bepoz Supports the EU) and Certified Partner (Partner Supports the EU) | Authorized Resellers get 25% of Gross Revenue and Certified Partners make from 37% to 45% depending on who does the billing to the EU.
Can resellers earn monthly recurring revenue from sales of your software?
Number of licenses sold or active customers (excluding demos, trials) Over 5500 lanes active
Percent of current business that is direct (sold by you, not a reseller) 25% - Where we don't have dealer coverage we take direct for now. Our intent is to distribute these accounts as we get dealer coverage in the area.

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