Blog | June 21, 2012

7 Distributor Services You Can't Neglect Any Longer

By The Business Solutions Network

In the July issue of Business Solutions magazine, I wrote a tech trend article based on a recent distributor event I attended where I was struck by how unfamiliar the attendees were — many of them long-time partners of this particular distributor — of the various services the distributor offered. After the show, I was curious to find out whether this scenario was unique to that particular distributor or whether this was a common occurrence. To my further surprise, I learned that some of the best low cost (and in some cases free) services these distributors offered are being used by only 1% of their channel partners.

I'm genuinely interested to find out why this is. Below is a list of the top 7 services the distributors I talked to believed are the most valuable -- and most underutilized -- by their partners:

Service #1: Field Support

Service #2: Network Assessments

Service #3: Custom Configurations

Service #4: NOC Services

Service #5: Cloud Monetizing

Service #6: Marketing Services

Service #7: Peer Community Group

Check out the article, which is now available at our website, and let me know if there's another side to this story that the distributors aren't sharing.