Magazine Article | August 30, 2019

David DeCamillis Of Platte River Networks

Source: Channel Executive Magazine

By David DeCamillis

David DeCamillis is as much a renaissance man as you’ll ever meet. He worked as a stockbroker out of college, then moved up to a syndicate manager, helping with IPOs until the early ’90s, when he moved into financial consulting. In that gig, he helped private companies raise money with the hopes that they would go public. One such company started the record label that launched the boy bands Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. In the mid-’90s, DeCamillis launched a real estate company and developed beachfront properties in Mexico. In 2000, he launched an entertainment production company with MTV Asia; opened offices in Manila, Singapore, and Beijing; and produced concerts and videos all over Asia. In 2008, he joined Platte River Networks, where he focuses on building, protecting, and growing the brand through management of its marketing, website, social media, events, and lead generations efforts. That’s a tall order, given Platte River’s notoriety as the company embroiled in the Hillary Clinton email scandal. “Now, I’m a crisis management expert as well,” quips DeCamillis.