White Paper

Customer Communications Management For ISV's

Many markets, especially government, insurance, and finance, consider document communications a core deliverable of their business processes. A tax notification, bank statement or insurance policy is a tangible representation of a company's service to a client. Business documents are now recognized as a key part of relationship management across all sectors.

This naturally leads to greater interest in better ways to optimize production, delivery, and value of these customer communications through document and multichannel output. Companies often turn to their system integrators and independent software vendors (ISVs) to help them find answers and put solutions in place.

For ISVs, this represents both a problem and an opportunity.

Are You Leaving Money on the Table?
While ISVs are familiar with the output related to their particular applications, they miss a tremendous opportunity by not proactively integrating day-to-day business correspondence into their solutions. By ignoring the critical customer communications component, you not only do a disservice to your clients, you leave money on the table that could go to your bottom line.

A Guide to Adding Customer Communications Management to Your Portfolio
This white paper will help you guide you through the process you should consider to identify, evaluate, price and integrate a Customer communications component into the applications you currently provide to your clients.

You'll then be in good position to confidently bring a solution to new and current clients who are:

  • Struggling with outdated processes
  • Concerned about efficiently and cost
  • Curious about online and multichannel communications