Blog | August 6, 2012

5 CompTIA Breakaway Resources You Can't Miss

By The Business Solutions Network

After attending the CompTIA Breakaway show in Las Vegas last week, I came across several new sources that I would highly recommend -- whether you were able to attend this year's event or not. Topics range from the cloud to gaps in IT skill sets. All resources below are free of charge. Check them out and let me know what you think:

1. CompTIA Research Team Trends in Cloud Part 1
CompTIA Director of Industry Analysis Carolyn April and CompTIA Director of Technology Analysis Seth Robinson discuss CompTIA's latest research on the cloud, comparing this year's results with the previous three year's research. Three years ago only 10% of channel companies surveyed had any cloud offering -- today that number has jumped to nearly 60%. There are also some interesting declines in cloud usage revealed in the survey, possibly from those who rushed into cloud computing very early, but weren't able to figure out how to capitalize on cloud services.

2. CompTIA Research Team Trends in Cloud Part 2
This follow up to part 1 delves into the business transformation challenge VARs and MSPs face as they look to resell cloud services. What are the best opportunities for your business to sell cloud? For starters, there's a great opportunity for you to help SMB customers with custom integration of cloud applications and service with the on-premise applications they're currently using.

3.  CompTIA Research Team State of IT Skills Gap
This short video, hosted by CompTIA  Director of Market Research Amy Carrado and Manager of Market Research Anna Matthai reveal the most important skills for IT organizations today, and they discuss the largest IT skills gaps. Their findings from a recent study were pretty shocking, but encouraging for IT solutions providers focused on IT infrastructure solutions and services, including network security.

4. The John Zogby Keynote On The Politcal Views of IT Professionals
I was very impressed with political pollster John Zogby's commentary, following his research of hundreds of IT professionals related to the upcoming presidential election.  No matter which side of the political fence you find yourself, these stats and Zogby's insights will give you a lot to think about as we approach the upcoming presidential election.

5. Opening Keynote at CompTIA 2012 with CEO Todd Thibodeaux
This keynote was packed with valuable information, starting with stats about millennials (those born on or after 1980), which will makeup 35% of the workforce by 2020. These workers have a very different outlook than their predecessors, which you need to understand -- whether you're hiring one or talking to a millennial as a prospective client. The session also gets into CompTIA's "Troops to Tech Careers" program, which is focused on helping our 1 million veterans returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan to get the help and training they need and deserve to transition back to the workforce.