News Feature | August 12, 2014

Common Mistakes Made In The Retail Vertical

By Cheryl Knight, contributing writer

Common Retail IT Sales Mistakes

When providing IT solutions in the retail field, VARs can sometimes focus on technology and not people. Along with the views they shared for our Partner Program Insider, the following industry leaders gave their opinions on the common mistakes solutions providers make when selling to customers in the retail vertical.

Adnon Dow, VP of global mobility solutions, SYNNEX Corporation: “VARs need to focus on selling solutions in retail — they continue to be too focused on products. Instead of keeping their head down to carry out day to day tasks, VARs need to broaden their focus and embrace the vertical-wide solution and services-led revolution. While getting the immediate cash from selling products is great, solutions provide reoccurring revenue that will continue to build. Patience and adaptation are critical for successful selling in retail.”

Dave Vieregg, emerging channels sales and marketing leader at Intuit: “Not understanding the customer’s true needs and pain points. Assuming a one-size-fits-all approach would work is often the issue. By customizing or bringing third-party applications and add-ons together to create a solution is a more effective approach.”

Gadi Piran, President of OnSSI: “There are literally tens of thousands of small-to-medium-size retailers that represent tremendous sales opportunities on the local and regional level. Given new system solutions, such as integrated appliances that deliver cost efficiency, ease of installation, and minimal training and maintenance requirements, video surveillance dealers and systems integrators can substantially increase the volume of sales to small to medium size retail operations.”

Will Atkinson, president of CAP Software: “Don't always go for the cheapest thing, and don’t always go for the latest/hottest thing. Put all potential solutions under the microscope and decide which ones hold real value and performance for the retailer, and then figure out how to package those offerings affordably.”