White Paper

White Paper: Check Point Clamps Down On Data Loss

Check Point's recently launched DLP solution follows the Data-in-Motion/network-based approach, which we view as a proactive step for businesses in preventing data loss with effectiveness and consistency. Data-in-Motion, as previously stated, has the beneficial characteristic of being inline with the flow of outbound communications. From this strategic location, Data-in-motion solutions can intercede on a wide swatch of data loss avenues without having to "touch" endpoint systems or pre-identify and classify sensitive data stored in data repositories. In that respect, Check Point's DLP is a self-contained, real-time sensitive data detection and policy enforcement solution—taking action on "active" sensitive data.

Check Point also supports many Data-in-Use DLP capabilities through its endpoint security software suite and recently introduced Abra platform. Check Point's endpoint security software suite includes port control and protection of the endpoint system from virus and malware contamination. Abra is a highly secure portable data container. With Abra, workers can carry sensitive files with them and onto uncontrolled endpoint systems, like home PCs, without losing control of the sensitive data or subjecting the sensitive data to a compromised system.