From The Editor | March 9, 2009

Can You Ignore The Economy?

Written by: Mike Monocello

Hey, here's a fact: out of all the VAR's I've interviewed in 2009, only one expects to have a down year. So, why all the doom and gloom and negativity? I think the mass media is partly to blame. That's what prompted to me to write the article "Ignore the Economy" that appeared in our March issue.

When we received our house copies of the magazine, I reread the article and was a little concerned that our subscribers would think I was out of touch with reality. While I haven't received any hate mail concerning the article, I did receive the following positive response. Maybe I'm not too far off base...


Excellent job on this month’s editor’s note, “Ignore the Economy!”. If we could only get that message out to the masses. I have been preaching a similar story to all that I know.

While we are not growing in leaps and bounds, we did have just over 15% growth for 2008, and we are up about 10% in Jan and Feb over same months last year. Our focus is on our customers, our prospects, our people, and spending smart… not pulling everything back, but wisely placing ourselves in the “right spot”. We JUST (last week) celebrated our 10 year company anniversary by taking all of our employees and their spouses on a 4 day Mexican Cruise. Why spend nearly $100K on something like that? Many of our employees have been with us 8, 9, and even 10 years… so they deserve it. The result? Fired up employees… excited for the challenge that’s ahead. Business is moving forward… our pipelines are STRONG. Not that 2009 won’t require a lot of hard work… it will, but attitude makes a major difference.

Here’s to your attitude catching on throughout the media. It truly can change the world.


Brett Bennett, Principal/CEO, POSitive Technology