White Paper

CA Virtual Assurance Improves VM Uptime With Optimization And Performance Monitoring

Organizations that are in the planning or initial implementation stages of virtualization need to be aware of potential performance management and administrative overload problems that will occur with growth. Any failures in a virtualization initiative, starting with initial server consolidation, can stall the organization's virtualization journey, degrade IT's credibility, and damage the customer's relationship with their trusted solution providers.

Solution providers can open with a discussion of the virtual maturity cycle and issues that organizations face as they move from one stage of virtualization to the next. These types of presales discussions can lead to VM consulting services, typically amounting to 20 percent or more of total revenue. It is the key to a successful virtualization implementation. CA Technologies and Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions, a business segment of Arrow Electronics Inc. and value-added distributor for 13,000 solution providers around the world, have the presales resources, education, training, virtual solutions lab and professional and consulting services to supplement a solution provider's bench.