White Paper

The Business Intelligence & Supply Chain Management Challenge: Create Profit, Service Level & Working Capital Improvement

A Thought Leadership White Paper By Howard W. Coleman, MCA Associates

Fashions change, seasons change, and so does your supply chain. So, when was the last time you looked at your entire supply chain process to determine if it is keeping up with the times? Recent supply chain management developments have dramatically changed how your business can compete, supply chain versus supply chain. Yes, your supply chain can be a competitive advantage and a source of business value to your company. You know your supply chain management needs to be updated when…well, it actually can be a little bit different for every company. But, if you have not examined your inventory and supply chain "drivers", in some time, and have not fully recognized the value of new "business intelligence" applications, then maybe it's time to take a look at how some new innovations can impact profit, service level and working capital improvement. Fortunately, even small companies can look and act big, challenging their thinking about their supply chains and implementing practical and realistic solutions.