Brochure | November 5, 2012

Brochure: Patient Wristbands: Thermal Printing Solutions

Privacy Compliance | Patient Safety | Medical Record Labeling & Management | Process Automation | Patient Scheduling | Identification and Access Control

Because There Is No Room For Error

Whether it’s for medication administration, labor and delivery, or new patient registration, providing a method to accurately and securely identify patients, offer admission information, and deliver prescription and treatment details, are critical in any healthcare environment where mistakes can be life threatening. With multiple checkpoints from administration to discharge, there are many risks for human error as patient information is processed from one point to another.

Implementing a patient identification solution through thermal barcode printing allows patient data to be tracked securely. Direct thermal wristbands allow for automatic capture and tracking of information makes it easier for staff to accurately identify patients, link baby to mother in neonatal care, and administer treatments, medications and dosages.